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Monday, August 07, 2006

LEGO my brain, pointy-haired boss

This is a public service message brought to you by Doctor Science of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY. Seriously. I'm not playin' with your head, here. "LEGO o' mah leg", you might cry, but hold still: I have Doctor's Degree in ... SCIENCE!

The methods of Challenging Imagination include deconstruction and sarcasm .... Sarcasm is the recognition that there is no sacred thing [with the exception of LEGO, of course] as the "Truth." [Um, I guess those couldn't be sneer quotes in this context ....] The most popular manifestation of this approach is the comic strip "Dilbert." Scott Adam's sarcasm and parody of the business world has become a vital force within conversations among strategy makers across industries throughout the world. [At least, it is among the strategy makers who are Inner Party members of Dogbert's New Ruling Class.]

Whoa. I'm out of breath. Aren't you? Hold on a sec.

OK, let's dive in again:

Of course, one can take this deconstruction too far and negate and reject everything, leaving oneself with nothing. The trap or pitfall of Challenging Imagination, then, is a kind of strategic nihilism, in which all choices are seen as flawed, all plans unfeasible, all positioning imprecise and deceptive.

I don't have a bad attitude, boss. I have strategic nihilism. But so do you. You know that we're in agreement that we're deceiving the customer about how uncertain our position is, and how infeasible the plan is that they've just signed off on. You know that I know that we had to hoodwink them into buying into that plan because all the choices are flawed anyway .... what you don't like is me saying so.

I'm taking my Lego and going home now.


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