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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Uberman On-Ramp Day 4: Wrap-up

One cappuccino at 9am, a couple canned cocoas. Sleepy much of the day.

Too many cigarettes. Then some breakfast, which I should have done earlier.

One early afternoon almost-nap, quite refreshing anyway (my breath suddenly slowed at one point, like an automatic transmission shifting into drive -- very relaxing; some brief hypnogogia), another nap from about 3:15 to 3:45pm.

Carrot-pumpkin soup for lunch, chicken-onion curry rice for dinner, plus some bread; healthy stuff at least, if not CRON-ish.

Read some of Gendlin's Focusing. No meditation -- but still time for that before bed.

No exercise -- almost went for a walk with a friend, but begged off, feeling drowsy from caffeine withdrawal.

Just couldn't write code today. I seem to need to get wound up in order to hack, but without caffeine ....

WAY too much Google Polyphasic group moderation activity -- ugh. Why this sudden attack of responsibility? Or am I just offsetting aggression generated by life-change stress? I sign off on those exchanges as "-michael turner, your increasingly fascist moderator", but I think the self-deprecation comes off as a little soggy to those who like me there, and is probably taken seriously by certain members with whom I must be increasingly unpopular.


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