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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

A Moore's Law for Space Launch? See

My latest op-ed, "Waiting for Permission to Believe - in a Moore's Law for Space", is now up on The Space Review.

Oddy, I discovered this only because I was seized with a sudden impulse to see if one of my favorite sites,, had some quick blog topic to rehydrate my dry brain. And there it was, my essay, blogged for all techno-weirdos to see.

If you haven't gotten the willies in a while (do people still say "it gives me the willies," like the sweater girls in the bad sf movies of the 50s?), don't worry. Relief - if that's quite the word I'm looking for - is at hand. Just check out the topics in Gyre's Animal-Machine Interface category. Where else is news like Snail Brain Merged with Microchip served hot off the griddle? Not enough ick-factor for you? Then thrill to the possibilities hinted at here:
Researchers at the Geneva demining center have found that Gambian giant pouch rats are ideal "biosensors" for landmine detection. According to one of the researchers, the rats are "almost mechanical in the way they work."


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