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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Amateur Spy Unearths Amateur Terrorist

Were I not drunk right now, and trying to sober up at Ben's Cafe over a cappuccino, I wouldn't be bottom-feeding on the story of Ryan Anderson AKA Amir Abdul Rashid, national guardsman, tank loader, convert to Islam, convicted of carrying dangerous weapons near a school (boy, the Guard will take anybody these days, not just Lynddie England), and now to be tried for treason. What did he do? He passed information about U.S. tank vulnerabilities, much if not all of it available on the Web, to undercover agents posing as Al Qaeda.

It's worth bearing in mind that George W. Bush has just told us that the War on Terror is essentially unwinnable for reasons that should have some of us yelling "Whoa! Whoa! Nuance! Nuance! That's a French word, ain't it Bubba?" Are we reduced to tail-chasing? Are we reduced to nailing our own utterly ineffectual wingnuts of no particular relevance or risk, because we can't catch the real thing?

The amateur spy has her cheerleaders: Daniel Pipes, for one, lauds Shannon Rossmiller as an "American Hero." Um, that would be "heroine", would it not? Or does that have too much of an opiate echo these days, not to mention being slightly sexist? Well, whatever: she had nothing better to do with her time except bait a wingnut or two into the open, and not even in Arabic. I mean, it would take serious time to learn Arabic, right? Go for the low-hanging fruit - or nut, as the case may be. Rossmiller's a city judge and a mother of three in a town of about 2,700 people, and was recovering from having broken her pelvis. Can you say "bored"? Can you say "I went to law school for a trillion years, and all I got was this lousy backwater job?" I knew you could.

Now, am I out of my tree to think that a guy who posts openly, in English, confessing jihadi sympathies - nay, enthusiasms - has got to be too much of a nutter to be a threat? If you were an Al Qaeda operative, wouldn't you keep a very great distance from such a loudmouth, figuring that he was either an operative or was having his strings pulled unwittingly by operatives? Especially when it's so easy to just pop "M-1 tank" into Google?

I hereby propose some Compassionate Conservatism: find some poor schizoid on the street, get him enrolled in the National Guard (sounds like their standards are way low these days, and probably dropping daily, what with imperial overstretch), post a bunch of Jihadi rhetoric on Islamic nutter websites so that it can be traced back to this poor guy, and let the likes of Shannon Rossmiller, American Hero, pick him up on her insomniac radar. Pretty soon, he'll have have a warm place to sleep and four squares a day without the burden of having to maintain anything like military discipline; he'll have state-appointed counsel for his insanity defense; and, upon being sentenced, will be set up for life: housed, well-fed, medical care, all the reasonable entitlements that much of the civilized world outside America figures is the birthright of even sane citizens. If you're on the streets anyway, why not? I think this proposition would interest quite a few of the gibbering wretches who spare-change you on the way to the office, and maybe even some sane nine-to-fivers earning minimum wage.

OK, I'm way past my italics quota for the day. I'm also feeling sober enough to face my wife. Time to head home. Ta ta.


At 12:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said... someone who grew up with Mrs. Rossmiller, she might want to consider taking care of her own family, and first her children and husband that wander aimeslessly, before trying to save the world. She has kids wandering everywhere that are unatteneded as she has taken a position in another town and a husband that is is RUMORED to be a doper/habitual drinker while she is living an unreal life as an investigator/terrorist tracker. I deeply feel sorry for all of her children as an outsider, they seem to suffer. Shannon Rossmiller is the BIGGEST joke, yet scariest superstar, in her eyes, that Conrad, MT possesses. The City of Conrad, and the State of Montana should absolutely be sickened by being known as anything that has to do with this woman. She has no control of her kids, her husband seems to be wacked and in constant turmoil publicly at all times as even trying to socialize with him is a task. Please, please do not judge our small town and community as being 100% associated with this woman as we are not...she is a kook with way too much time on her hands and loves turmoil. If you or anyone reading this would like any further answers or background, please DO NOT hesitate to contact me. The woman is truly a FREAK and our small community and beautiful state should in no way be tarnished by this rabid creature. vaI will be more than happy to speak to you. Take care...

At 1:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to add that if Shannon Rossmiller spent as much time with her kids as she did "saving the world", she would have honroable, perfect children which she does not. What a sad story, and her kids WILL figure this out someday. It's extremely hard living simply blocks from this creature and watching her taking credit for "saving the world" when she cannot even save her own children. Just ask her how her children are handling the fame she is after. Why would one put her loved ones in such danger??????? Her husband is a wayword soul that is a bar problem causer that thinks she is his savior. He is a loser on her shirtail of what he thinks is FAME. Sorry...but we small town people do not care to be associated with the likes of you. Please TAKE YOUR CHILDREN AND OURS out of the spotlight...they are precious. NO FAME IS WORTH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 8:36 AM, Anonymous joanne said...

Whoever anonymous is, it is clear that he/she has serious issues with the entire Rossmiller family. Makes you it petty jealousy or hate ?
If every American took anonymous' advise, we would all be living with our heads in the sand waiting for Armageddon.
Ms. Rossmiller may or may not have realized that she would eventually be exposed by either the clowns in the News Media, or the Government, but you can't take away the fact that she has done something courageous and unearthed at least two Jihadist-wannabe's. I think it funny that because these people were caught, the Media and people like anonymous act as if they weren't a real threat....just suppose Timothy McVeigh or the 9/11 Terrorist had come cross her radar screen...would your reaction have been the same??? Wake Up America...this isn't a really is life or death.

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