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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Better Living through Neologism Googling

Try it. It's fun. Though disappointing in a way. Nine times out of ten, other people, people more annoyingly clever than you could dream of being, have already snatched the ball. Worse, they've run with it some distance as well, in directions you'd never think of. Googling on homespun neologisms will disabuse you of the notion that inventing a new word is really so easy.

"Panglossolalia" - the Goddess of the Infomercial. ("I knew that!", I hear you snapping in irritation).

"Webopticon" - ubiquitous surveillance via the Internet ("Well, of course!", you say, "But nobody knows I got there first!")

"Ontocracy" - thirty hits already.

Ah, but "Ontopreneur". Don't even think about jumping my claim, pardner. At this point, it's perhaps only an Engish typo on a Russian web that's possibly just reporting an MS Word spellcheck error. But maybe it's coming soon to a management pundit's forebrain perilously near you, as the Semantic Web goes through another hype cycle. Maybe I should register it?


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