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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I'm SO confused ....

We're not staying the course. "We've never been 'stay the course'". (No matter how many times we've said it was, and even slapped reporters for not writing it exactly that way.)

It's now "adapt to win". Except when it's not. Or something like that.

The White House has got to be hoping the Religious Right doesn't dimly perceive some Darwinian subtext in the New Newspeak. After all, "adapt to win" does sound like a pithier version of "natural selection of random mutations." Notwithstanding fundamentalist theological objections, maybe Rummy's pet Revolution in Military Affairs will get an injection of transgenic treatments for our GIs -- they'll grow their own armor, leap tall sniper-infested buildings in a single bound, jump out of range of IED explosions faster than a speeding RPG. They'll adapt to win!

Tell me how it's gonna be, George. Tell me again how it's gonna be.


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