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Monday, April 09, 2007

Uberman On-Ramp Day 5: Wrap-up

Several minor business-related crises since I last wrote, not least of which was that I promised my friend Henry some Euros for his trip to Europe tomorrow, but didn't collect even half the amount I thought I could from our French guests.

Caffeine: asked for decaf at Starbucks while doing the currency deal with Henry, but maybe they screwed it up. All I know is I blabbed with him at high speed for an hour at least. On the other hand, I often do that with Henry anyway. He's a walking encyclopedia, I'm a knee-jerk theorizer; he's a moderate conservative, I'm a moderate liberal; he's East Coast Ivy League humanities, I'm West Coast U.C. system tech-sector. And we're both here in Japan with not many of the same types to hang out with. It's a recipe for seething conversational catalysis. Which is why we're friends, I guess.

Not much else to report about progress, because of the above-mentioned crises. Stay tuned. (Daniel Yokomizo on the Polyphasic list asked me if I had an RSS or Atom feed. I looked at my configuration page. I guess I do, Atom anyway, but not RSS as far as I can tell. I'm not sure if I have it set up right, though. A future blog entry will be entitled: Why I Hate Blogspot. Google does many things right, but I don't think this site is one of them.)


At 9:09 AM, Blogger Mandy said...

Hi, the feed is working for me anyway :)

(I'm a member of the polyphasic google group, btw.)


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