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Friday, August 06, 2004

"It's difficult to be a perfect parasite"

Yes, it is. In fact, you'd have to be cuckoo to try. Just read The Scientist's Parasites benefit by sharing.

I love science journalism for all its dry quotes you can rip from context for their unintentional humor value. Hah! What a parasite I am! Rather than come up with my own laugh-lines, I just defocus my brain slightly while reading about science. Beats working.

Still, at least I share, like any good parasite who values his skin. And ya gotta love juicy grubworms like this one:
"Our results contribute to a growing literature which suggests that individuals can enjoy personal benefits from living in groups, even if they are unrelated to the other group members."
Think of that next time you check out a noise in the kitchen late a night, and catch your housemate chugging OJ directly from that pitcher on which you clearly wrote your initials in huge letters.

And have you ever noticed how you've never run into a flock of spiritual vampires? Do parasites avoid hanging around with other parasites? But of course.


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