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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Uberman On-Ramp Day 6: Flat Tires

Today I've been trundling along on rims at the shoulder, imagining dozens of young, sprightly Uberkids in the world flashing past me, 0-60 in 10 days, leaving their turn signals on as they head into the fast lane. Head-achey. And cherry blossom pollen is killing me. (Oh, listen to me, cringing and moaning as if I were already trying to DO uberman, rather than simply preparing myself.)

Got a good nap in at 4pm, though. Will lie down and try again soon at 8pm, just to observe the every-4-hours schedule. Relatively little caffeine -- 3/4ths of a can of vending machine coffee, a decaf, that's it.


At 5:51 AM, Blogger Monte Davis said...

Dunno about uberman, but those jitters do wonders for your posting frequency.

-Monte (AKA slowthedeclineman)


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