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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Make no mistake, see no mistake, speak no mistake

That noble experiment in open source intelligence analysis, the Operation Iraqi Freedom Document Portal, has been taken down for inspection and removal of any of those pesky nuclear bomb recipes that somehow keep floating around the Internet.

But ... how did could something like this have happened? The official story is that "something unfortunate occurred". Whew. I'm so ... relieved. Think how much worse it could have been. Imagine if ... mistakes had been made. You don't want that.

The right-wing blogosphere is, of course, cawing victory: "Saddam had a bomb program! We even got the NYT to admit it! He was only a year away from a bomb!" Yeah--back in 1991. When are these people going to learn the past perfect tense? "He'd had a WMD program" is not the same as "He had a WMD program". I guess those homies was too cool for school. Shee-yit.


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