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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Uberman On-Ramp Day 9: Good Rester

Really, Day 10 -- it's after midnight.

I did OK. 6.5 hours of core sleep, a bit long. Cheated a little on caffeine, with two decafs and two canned cocoas. Two nap periods, both solid (maybe too long, if anything). Not much dream material to record, but some.

I have two new categories of progress to track.

(1) Hand-written diary/notebook. I've been keeping a little clothbound notebook going. I write dream reports, record my caffeine intake, and my nap/sleep times, but also the moments when drowsiness hits. I hope get a statistical base of drowsiness "time-stamps" to figure out when I should take my naps when I get regular. Right now, I'm not regular, and I probably won't be until I get through my various addiction withdrawal symptons. But I want this habit anyway. The notebook is also good for the usual things -- to-do lists, general impressions, ideas that hit suddenly.

(2) Coding. Part of the rationale for Uberman: gain more hours in the day for projects. And having more projects helps maintain Uberman. I stopped working on my not-so-secret software project three or four days ago, stymied by a bug that, on closer inspection today, turned out to be relatively simple. I've got to get back to doing some coding every day.

I hope to add more project categories in the future -- I can't code all the time. Improving the ryokan business is obviously one of them. There will be others.

Tomorrow: go swimming. Go swimming every day this week, just to set the habit. Doing something aerobic will help, and I never crave a nap more than right after a good swim.


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