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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Neocons: "You can't blame us!"

Or not much, anyway.

My theory is that the neo-cons were just another Big Tent constituency who were seduced into collaboration with the Petrodollar Wing of the GOP because of their blend of Boy Scout attitudes about ends and Machiavellian acceptance of any means necessary. They are a brainy tribe who sneer at Laura Ingraham and Rush Limbaugh, I'm sure, even as Condi and Dubya appear on those radio shows because a vote is a vote is a vote. Brainy types like to be right--to the point of irritating their debating partners. I think what the neo-cons don't understand is that, in the politics of a democracy, it's better to appear stupid, while getting what you want, than to be "right", but not get it. (Since none of them seem to have run for elective office, it's not surprising they never learned this lesson.) As a constituency, they were convenient for the Bush administration--for a while. Now they are gone, though tarred by the association with Iraq failure. Which, of course, they resent mightily. I'm so sad for them. SO sad.


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